Thursday, November 15, 2007

While in France... (Intro post)

This afternoon, while devouring a few pieces of Brebis cheese with lunch, a wave of clarity splashed me in the face. I decided to create a little blog about my adventures with cheese. And how appropriate?! If I have finally returned to the eden of cheese, then I should take advantage of it and share some of the notes that pop into my head when I taste this delicious penicillin-producing delight. I can't claim to know much about cheese or how it is made or even what beverage is best paired with it, but I can still use my taste buds to tell other average-tasters what I think about le fromage.

Thus, if you find any interest in what I just stated above, have a look at the other entries and please return for a visit.


Anonymous said...

Dear Abby,

So if I eat enough cheese, it will cure my syphilis? This could mean big things for me.


John said...

Nevermind that some of your readers are lactose intolerant!


Stellabarracuda said...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest. As for your health problems...

Ramon, I am not a doctor. And I think you're watching too much Grey's Anatomy.

John, take a pill and enjoy some cheese. It'll do you some good!